This is how Mozilla is stopping Facebook from tracking your online habits

Facebook is in a lot of trouble because of the recently unveiled Cambridge Analyticadata scandal. However, it seems that the trouble is not going to end anytime soon. Recently, it was discovered that the social media giant tracks its users online and also collect their personal information which even includes the text messages and the call logs.

But the users can now prevent this with a help of Mozilla Firefox extension, which stops Facebook from keeping a track of the online habits of its users. The extension named Facebook Container creates a blue colored browser tab which isolates your Facebook session with other activities on the web. This will make it difficult for Facebook to keep a track of users. This means if you are planning for a trip and are searching for it online, then your Facebook newsfeed will not be flooded with the ads from other brands.

In an official blog post, Mozilla said, “The pages you visit on the web can say a lot about you. They can infer where you live, the hobbies you have, and your political persuasion. There’s enormous value in tying this data to your social profile, and Facebook has a network of trackers on various websites. This code tracks you invisibly and it is often impossible to determine when this data is being shared.”

The company feels that this is a better solution than deleting Facebook as it gives users tools that help them protect themselves from the unexpected side effects of their usage.

Earlier today it was reported that Facebook has been slapped with three lawsuits on the same issue. Three users of the Facebook Messenger app sued the company, saying the social network violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages, in the latest legal challenge facing the company.

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